Fitting good quality curtains in a home can make a huge difference. 

Rwihi is delighted with his experience.

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Our Curtain Bank Team recently had the pleasure of meeting Rwihi. 
Sadly this lovely gentleman has suffered greatly with his health after struggling with a bad cold that progressively worsened into a debilitating dose of Pneumonia last Winter. 
After months of doctor and hospital visits suffering with respiratory issues, Rwihi requested an Eco-Design assessment in light of his failing health. This led to his referral to Habitat's Home Repair Programme and to Curtain Bank for the installation of free, good condition curtains in his home. 
The team have installed curtains to his living room and all his bedrooms under the Home Repair Programme including tie backs that he had specially requested. Riwhi has been delighted with the result.

It was a pleasure working with you Rwihi we wish you a winter of good health, breathing easy from all the Habitat Team.

“This will help hugely in making sure that I do not get sick again this winter, so a massive thank you to the curtain bank for the beautiful maroon double lined curtains. I’m very happy and wanted to share my experience as I thought it would make a good story for the Curtain Bank”
— Rwihi

Karanga tells her story of Habitat turning her cold, damp rental into a warm, dry home.

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In January 2018, the Habitat team met with Karanga and her family in their Auckland home. Karanga's little 2 year old son had had multiple hospital admissions due to respiratory issues which were thought to be directly related to living in a damp rental home affected by black mould. 

Leaks in the roof and gaps between window and door frames meant their family home was always cold and riddled with damp.

The Habitat and Curtain Bank Team, repaired leaks, draft proofed and insulated the windows then installed re-purposed, good condition curtains throughout Karanga's rental home.

The curtains now keep the home warmer and dryer. Just in time for winter!

Karanga felt the difference in her home straight away.

Before the new curtains Karanga told Habitat her two-year-old son had to be taken to hospital frequently for colds and fevers.

Now, her little boy has had no further illness requiring hospitalisations and is an energetic, healthy little boy sleeping through the night. 

My son is finally breathing through the night with ease. We have had no more hospital visits.
I recommend Habitat big everybody.....just in touch with them and you will be happy like me!